"In a machine age, dressmaking is one of the last refuges of the human, the personal,
the inimitable."

Christian Dior

Deborah Parker – owner

Dressmaking is in my blood.

Born in Scotland but now well settled in New Zealand, I come from a long line
of seamstresses. I was heavily influenced by my wonderful grandmother,
Bridget Bonner (Mam) after whom I have named my clothing range specialising
in limited edition, timeless pieces.

Mam has continued to guide me throughout my life and I aspire to have her strength and her courage.

It was my mother who taught me how to sew. We would sit sewing most weekends, watching old movies. 

And she was meticulous. Many is the time she made me unpick and redo
much of my work!  I'm grateful to her for instilling those high standards. 

They are reflected in the work undertaken today at Feisty Needle.


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